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Secrets To A Healthy Office Environment

The focus on health is not only limited to one’s home. Most people will have spent the majority of their day in an office sitting. On average, most office personnel sit for at least 25 hours a week and these individuals do not move (stand, walk) as they should, and that in itself is a problem.

Any health or fitness enthusiast would frown at those numbers, but a counter-argument made by the office worker is that too much movement around the office would make one seem like they are not busy enough. But where do we find the balance?

Office health does not only refer to the physical but every other interpersonal and intrapersonal aspect of all workers. This includes employee interactions, spiritual aspects, mental aspects, environmental aspects and the one that first pops to mind, the physical. Interpersonal interactions in the workplace could influence every other aspect of an individual’s, and consequently, an organisation’s health because the latter comprises of the former.

In this era where mental health awareness is at an all-time high, having a supportive team at the workplace can help someone with a particular issue stay focussed, motivated and encouraged. This ultimately leads to healing and mitigate the probability of falling back to any old habits. Good employee interaction improves the organisational workflow and leads to productivity all around. Spiritual and mental aspects speak to respecting one’s beliefs and personal space and allowing each individual to express themselves as they see fit – as long as it does not infringe on the freedoms of others or breach policy.

The environment is key to a healthy office. Anything from a clean desk to proper aeration contributes to a good working environment. One aspect, required even by law is employee safety. This includes safety from work-related injuries, crimes within the office and even safety from structural weaknesses such as collapsing buildings and the like. An office full of people who feel taken care of will respond in kind and care for the organisation they work for.

As for physical health, the greatest unhealthy misdeed is time spent sitting. Long hours mean long hours at the desk, with long meetings do not helping either. Some organisations are introducing standing and walking meetings where time spent sitting is reduced to the minimum. Seat design and desk heights are also important considerations. A poorly designed seat will hurt the user’s back and a low desk will force the user to slouch forward, which hurts the back even more. Office workers are generally the most tired at the end of the day and will, therefore, skimp on making proper meals and opt for the easier obtained junk foods. No points for health there either.

An organisation that truly cares about its employees ends up benefitting itself because a happy workforce is a driven workforce. Healthy staff will not have the use for sick leave. Get healthy.

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