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Safe Online Accountant Meetings

The ATO continues to peruse late lodgers, but online meeting may be the answer.

Accountants 2 Business have provided online meetings with Tax Advisers for many years and it’s certainly growing in popularity for main the following reasons:

  1. Social distancing and safety: With the current concerns around Coronavirus transmissions, clients can keep social distance but still enjoy the undivided personal care of their own expert accountant. It’s just like attending our office complete with on screen checklists and quality-controlled procedures.
  2. Time saving: Even clients that live and work in the next suburb, book online meetings with us!. They save time not needing to drive to and from our office.
  3. More efficient information: It’s easier to answer questions and provide requested information, when you have easy access to your own files and computer. No need to send us documents after the meeting. Locate them from your own files while in our meeting.
  4. Cost effective: Reducing the need for dedicated meeting rooms at our premises, these cost saving are passed onto clients in reduced
  5. Everything on-line and paperless: If this scares you, don’t worry! We have helped hundreds of clients move to digital documents and meetings. It’s our job to make sure that you are not stressed by any of this. We’ll make sure that it works. One of our 80 year old clients has enjoyed 3 years of digital signing documents with us and brags to his friends about it.
  6. Stay tax compliant, the ATO may use friendly language currently, but make no mistake they will charge penalties for late lodgements and late payments.

Online meetings with our accountants provide the perfect answer to the dilemmas of modern life without giving up the personal interaction and attention that comes from your very own dedicated accountant.

How does it work?

Your first meeting is free. Simply phone our office on (07) 3823 2344 to arrange your first meeting.

We will send a meeting confirmation to your email.

A few minutes prior to the meeting scheduled start, we will send you another email. Simply click on the link. A download will start the first time (to install the Zoom app) then we are underway. We will also phone you to assist this first meeting.

To make sure that you are happy, we are offering 25% discount on Business Income Tax Returns for the first year to all new clients. So call us now to arrange your first meeting.  Ph (07) 3823 2344.

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