Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some common questions...

How do I change from my old accountant to Accountants 2 Business?

That’s easy. Our Industry has set ethical guidelines that professional accountants must follow. Under these guidelines we contact your old accountant and let them know that you have appointed us as your new accountant. We do need your written authorization to do that. We will arrange to obtain, and documents needed to move your tax work to us. We do this often and the exchange between accounting firms is always very friendly. We then complete our ‘Onboarding Process” to ensure that you receive the services requested. Of course, the time taken to onboard a new client is not charged to you. You won't receive an invoice from us until after we have completed your work.

What records should I keep?

The ATO has along list of requirements for record keeping for businesses. Our Free Tax Saving Toolkit includes a detailed record keeping guide. You can download it for free at the bottom of this page.

I’m just starting out on business and need help or I have a business and I’m not sure my set up is correct?

Book a complimentary, obligation free meeting with us to work through our 24 point agenda, designed to cover the business set up essentials.

Do You charge for phone calls and emails?

Our partner and supervisors answer emails and phone calls for about 80% of their day. We have found it fair to charge a small fee for a small service.

Many clients ask the same question. We keep these answers in a library of handouts. If you email a common question, we will reply with a handout and this service is free. If your question is more specific or complex, a time-based fee will apply, usually under $80 for small questions. We will provide a quote for answers to complex questions like Capital Gains Tax. Clients have access to our booking schedules and can book a 15min phone call with any adviser at a time to suit both you and the adviser. These phone consultations are charged in 15-minute increments. The current fee for this service can be found on the booking page. It's about $80 per 15 mins with a senior partner and less for other team members.

Our clients love having easy access to us for advice and are happy to pay a small fee. We promise to reply to your phone or email enquiry within 1 business day. Charging a small amount for these small services allows us to resource to answer your questions.

How do I Prepare for Tax Time?

Tax time for our clients begins well before June 30. It starts with tax planning which occurs in May. Then, clients receive an email from us in June with a comprehensive list of items to prepare for tax time.

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to work through the list. We also meet with you before we start your tax work.

The meeting is at no additional fee, we work through our tax time checklist with you to be sure that we take advantage of every opportunity. This really helps us prepare your tax work for your best advantagee

Do you offer Tax Planning?

Clients chose from optional tax planning services:

Option 1: Tax Planning for our BAS clients is Free. We calculate expected tax, for no tax surprises throughout the year. We also meet in May to discuss your tax bill and all tax planning opportunities. Both the calculations and meeting is free to BAS clients.

Option 2: Report and Meeting. We also offer tax planning to our tax only clients for a set fee and email clients the offer in April of each year.

Option 3: Meeting only. Clients can book a set fee meeting to discuss tax planning options.

Option 4: Free resources. At tax planning time we provide clients with a comprehensive newsletter and video on how to take advantage of tax deductions.

What expenses can I deduct?

The answer to this can be complicated. In essence you can deduct the costs associated with operating your business, but some special rules apply.

Download our Free Tax Saving Toolkit at the bottom of this page for a detailed guide.

At tax time we will work though our tax time checklist to ensure we maximize your legal claims. New clients can book their tax time meeting at any time to discuss tax deductions.

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