How Much Does Accounting Cost for a Small Business?

Accounting Cost
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Partnering with a business accounting firm is much cheaper than you might think and a better option that risking errors and ATO fines when trying to go it alone. 

In Australia, a private accountant can end up costing your business anywhere from $50 to $350 an hour! This means that even if you chat with them for an hour a week, your accounting bill can mount to thousands of dollars every year. 

In complete contrast to these sky-high prices, Accountants 2 Business offers premium accounting services in efficient well priced packages to meet your needs. Unlike traditional accounting firms and bookkeepers, Accountants 2 Business will show you how to prepare your records in a way that saves you time and  accounting fees.

Interested in learning more about how much accounting services cost for small businesses? Here’s a quick overview of the different services along with how much they cost. 

Small Business Accounting Services

Accounting services are essential when running a business. The right service can take the pressure off, allowing you to focus on running your business. Here’s a quick look at the services business accountants offer. 


Bookkeeping is the cornerstone of business accounting. It’s a legal requirement for you to keep accurate records of all the money coming in and out of your business. Bookkeeping services can be cumbersome and most bookkeeper will not show you how to complete the tasks. They don’t want to help you, because to do so would take work away from them. A good business accountant can help you set everything, so you process your records in a cost and time efficient way.

Accountants 2 Business can set up your Xero file correctly for Free and  also provide you with a Free video training program to get you underway.  In addition we offer cost effective one-to-one Xero training with our certified Xero Advisers.

Tax Planning

You should partner with experienced business accountants not only for what they do, but also for what they know. This is why the annual tax planning session is so beneficial. It offers you the chance to formulate a strategy with options for your business. These tax strategies can help you deduct expenses and lower your tax liability for the year. 

Tax is a tricky topic in the business world, so it’s worthwhile to get the additional help. A small mistake could leave you with a massive fine to pay. The best way to avoid fines and penalties is engage a great business accounting service.

Payroll Services

Managing your payroll is essential to keeping the business organised and avoid embarrassing complaints from staff. A very important part of any business is the people that help run it. Managing payroll is more than just paying salaries. You must comply with ever changing ATO single touch payroll and superannuation rules.

Business accountants can help get this done on time every pay day so that you don’t have to stress about making a mistake with employee wages.

Accountants 2 Business provide a Free app to our payroll clients. Simply enter a few details. The app will calculate Gross Pay and will send you an email with the calculation of net pay. No waiting round for your bookkeeper to run the pays. You can even process pays in the evening and on weekends! With the calculation of net pay, you can go ahead and pay your team. The system send us the same email and your dedicated bookkeeper accurately runs Xero pay for you and sends pay slips to your employees. We lodge STOP and also look after your super reporting. The costs is $33 per employee with discounts if your team exceeds four people. We also recommend fortnightly pays to minimise the costs and administration.

Lodge Tax Returns

Tax is an incredibly important part of business accounting. While tax can be complicated, professional accountants can help calculate this for you. Business accountants can also implement tax strategies to help reduce your tax liability each year. 

You can actually save money by partnering with a business accountant with good tax planning. 

How Much Does Accounting Services Cost?

Accounting services from Accountants 2 Business, are offered in a number of different packages. These packages are designed for different-sized businesses. Here’s a quick look at each of these options.

Sole Trader

The Sole Trader package is perfect for freelancers and contractors. This package includes an annual tax return, free Sole Tarder app or Xero file set up, an annual tax meeting, and an A2B tax deduction checklist to help reduce your tax liability for the year. This package starts at just $365 for the year.

Companies and Trust

The Company and Trust package is designed for small business. This package includes a wide range of services that can help family businesses streamline their finances and grow a strong balance sheet. 

This package includes an annual income tax return, free Xero file setup, an annual tax meeting, an A2B tax deduction checklist, business health check reports, and financial statements for the year. This impressive package starts from just  $880 per year.

Enterprise Accounting Solutions

The Enterprise package is designed specifically for large companies. This package includes everything that the Company and Trust package has but is designed to cover large businesses with a large number and complex transactions.

This more complex service starts at just $2,200 per year, it’s still incredibly affordable for enterprise businesses.

BAS Services

While the accounting services from Accountants 2 Business come in distinct annual packages, the bookkeeping services are a stand-alone and has its own fees. 

Known as the BAS Service, there are also a few different packages available. The Sole Trader package comes with a free BAS app. Company and Trust BAS services have Free Xero file setup, and include a file check, checklist library, a wages app, bank feeds, and access to your a personal dedicated bookkeeper. This package starts at just $99 per month.

If you want additional time with a dedicated accountant, these calls are billed separately. This allows you to pay for only the time you actually need rather than paying a massive fee every month.

Business Accounting Services

While business accounting services can vary in price, it’s worth it!. This is because partnering with a professional accountant is more of an investment than an expense. By working with an accountant, you can streamline your finances, save tons of time, and even reduce your tax liability every year.

In this way, a business accountant can help take pressure off you and grow your business at the same time.

Interested in partnering with experienced accountants? Don’t hesitate, book your free meeting with us so that we can help you meet your business goals.

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