The Little-Known Team Building Exercise That Transformed One Company

Team Building
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When you think of team building, do you picture trust falls and ropes courses? Well, think again. This is a story about how a simple, yet profound activity reshaped our teamwork, and success.

Team Building Exercise: The Game Changer

Discovering the Power of Narrative: Who knew that storytelling could be such a revolutionary team building exercise? This isn’t about fiction or fairy tales; it’s about sharing journeys and ideas within the team. And trust me, it’s a power word in the realm of team building exercises.

A Tale of Transformation

The Turning Point: I recall the exact moment this team building exercise took flight. We set aside one lunch break every month. Team members are encouraged to take notes during the month, of friction points that they see from client comments to out of date task procedures. The personal insight that spreadsheets and sales targets never could.

The Ripple Effect on Company Culture

Cultivating Empathy and Collaboration: Post-exercise, the impact was tangible. Conversations flowed more freely, and a new sense of team unity began to drive our company culture. It was a team building exercise that didn’t just tick a box; it rewired our collective mindset.

Overcoming Resistance to Unconventional Team Building Exercises

Embracing the Unfamiliar: Not everyone was onboard at first. But with a little encouragement and the right environment, reticence gave way to enthusiasm, and the results spoke for themselves.

The Long-Term Impact on Our Business

A Sustained Boost in Morale and Productivity: Months later, the information we shared during that team building exercise still resonate. They’ve become part of our company lore, and the trust and camaraderie they fostered continue to fuel our daily interactions and, ultimately, our productivity.

Implementing Your Own Team Building Exercise

Guiding Your Team to Greater Heights: If you’re ready to take your team to the next level, consider this narrative exercise. It’s a team building exercise that costs nothing but can give you returns beyond measure in employee engagement and company morale.

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